Hair Trends What To Follow and What To Pass Up On

In Hair Tips, Hair Trends on October 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Hair Trends What To Follow and What To Pass Up On. When it comes to hair trends some will look good on you and others might make you stand out and not in a good way. So when it comes to trying a new hair trend always make sure it looks good on you before trying something new. One way to find out if a hair trend will look good on you is by asking your friends and showing them a picture before trying the look out. There are also countless hair sites that let you upload your picture and let you try different virtually.

This year there have been a few changes in popular hair styles and these have come almost without any notice. For those who look to celebrities and their hair-dos for inspiration the most popular hair style of the current year would no doubt be either that of Paris Hilton and her long hair or Farah Fasset. However, there are many women today who actually prefer to sport short hair and it seems that among the most popular hair styles of the year 2008 there are sure to be many that concern short hair.

Wrong Predictions

Most pundits had predicted long hair would be in this year but it seems that their predictions have turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, the current trend in popular hair styles seems to be evenly spread between long and short hair styles. As far as long hair styles are concerned there are numerous Movie and Television stars, Runway stars and Print models that seem to prefer to let their hair grow long. Ditto Olympic Athletes! And, this is being copied by the everyday women.

The trouble with short hair styles is that it requires a certain kind of personality in order for this hair style to be more appealing. However, in the case of male popular hair styles it seems that most men today are opting for hair that is very wavy and perhaps even quit bushy. Some of the rough and tough guys are actually veering towards wearing their baldness as a style statement.

It seems that the Clark Kent look still finds favor among men and so is included among the most popular hair styles of the current year. It does seem however that the day of carefree rebellion and non-conformity have gone because none of the popular hair styles of today are catering to this kind of look.

To sum up, in the case of women the more popular hair styles of today are evenly split between long and short hairstyles. In the case of men, wavy, bushy as well as the bald look seem to be more favored. For a straight face the GQ look seems to be a popular hair style. Beauty of course is in the eyes of the beholder and so, whether or not you sport a popular hair style will not matter much to those who look beyond appearances.

Women will of course take extra pains to look as beautiful as possible but they would do well to look beyond today’s popular hair styles and concentrate instead on being them and to also make it a point to keep a smile on their face and not lose sleep over what is in and what is out of fashion.

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